Hey guys, thanks for clicking on my article. Today I want to tell you about all the places I really want to travel to. Maybe I can inspire you! (not in particular order)

Los Angeles

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My current dream destination is Los Angeles. I have wanted to go there, since I watched La La Land. There is so much to see and the atmosphere must be amazing there.

New York

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I have actually been there before, but I really want to go there again. There is so much to visit and I´m sure I will never have the time to see everything. This city is simply amazing.


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I have wanted to go there since I´ve watched Soul Surfer. The landscape, the sea, ... everything looks stunning there. One of my biggest dream is it to learn how to surf, because this must be an unbelievable experience.


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This city must be awesome. Everytime I see pictures of it I can smell the croissants and feel the amazing atmosphere. I´m sure that a journey to Paris must be so impressive.


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The architecture in Prague is literally everything. Everything looks so impressive and you must feel like in another century strolling through the streets. I thing there is a reason to call it The Golden City.


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I have actually been there several times, but I can´t get enough. Everywhere you look, you see another stunning building you want to visit. The atmosphere is so great, you feel like you would be in the seventeenth century. I just love Vienna!


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I´m sure everyone wants to go there and I can totally understand. Rome seems like a magical place. All the buildings look so impressive and I would love to visit them all.


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I would really like to go to Sydney. The sights look so cool there and I´m sure that the atmosphere must be so awesome. And I would love to see a performance at the famous opera house.

South Korea

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I have recently fallen in love with this country as I was watching a lot of vlogs from people travelling there. Everything seems so different from where I am and I´m sure it would be awesome to discover all the places, the music and in general the lifestyle there.


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The atmosphere and the lifestyle are so different than the one that I´m used to and I´m sure that there´s too much to see than I would have time to. I would really, really love to go there.


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London is actually the place I have wanted to go for the longest time. There are so many sights und everything looks so impressive. I´m sure that it would be so cool to visit Big Ben, the Tower Bridge, the Buckingham Palace, ... the list is endless.

So that´s it. It is my biggest dream to travel to all those places and hopefully this dream will come true.

Stay safe and have a nice day!
Yours Sylvia