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The boy sat me down on a mat of palm tree leaves by the bonfire he had prepared earlier that evening. By now, it was a large bundle of hot flames. Spitting sparks and emitting a warm golden hue into the midnight sky.

He leaned down on his elbow beside me on the sand, observing me closely as I was entranced by the flames dancing into the air. “What’s your name?” He asked.

I stopped, taken aback, and scavenged for fragments of a name I could no longer remember. Turning to him, I casted my eyes to the sand. “I don’t have one.”

He abruptly jerked up. “That’s impossible!” He exclaimed with utter shock. “How could you not know your name? The only thing I can remember prior to waking up here was my name." The boy stared off into the distance, brows draw together in bewilderment.

“Well,” I inquired. “Tell me your name then?”

He gazed at me for a moment before his voice deepened, rich and velvety. “Elios.”

The name sunk deep into muscle memory. Resulting in my lips creeping up into a slight smile.


That name was nothing but warm light in a world of darkness.

But why did it sound familiar?

I didn't realise the boy had shuffled closer to me until his blonde curls lightly brushed my cheek and he peered into my face, gaping at me as if he had recovered a precious memory from the depths of my eyes.

“You,” he lightly glided his thumb along the side of my temple before tracing his fingers down the edge of my jaw, caressing my face. “You can be Luna.”

My eyes fluttered to those plump lips of his as I tried to repeat. “Luna.” Letting each letter fall off my tongue softly.

“Yes,” he breathed, his bright smaragdine irises burned right in front of mine. “It feels right for you. Luna."

Elios craned his head back and brushed his long fingers through a curtain of my hair, coming back with little glittery specks. His eyes lingered on his hand as he smirked and looked up to me. My eyes followed his hand as it went down to his chest, smearing the stardust over his heart.

His voice was hoarse, tight with an emotion I couldn't read until I found his smouldering gaze. "My shooting star.”

Suddenly, heat rose to my cheeks and I wanted to bury my face in the sand of his hair. I wanted to swim in those sea-green pools as they stared longingly down at me and drown in their sweetness. As if his lips could save me and breath life into my lungs, I desperately needed to be covered in his kisses. I wanted him where it mattered most; physically and spiritually. But instead, I coyly averted my gaze and I patted my head, flicking the remnant shimmers of stars out of my hair.

Millions of silver stars stared down above us in their finery, seeming to glint and twinkle over the lost echo of a name.


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