We are always on a rush
We always walk fast,
Head down
Hedphones on
We never look up
Up to the sky
Up to the rooftops
Up to the house's windows
We loose a lot.
We should have our noses up
As if we are torurists
Even in our city.
How much do we know about our city?
We shouldn't be ashamed to go out
Just because we want to wonder around
Without a goal
Without a destination.
We should get lost in our city more often.

Here i am. I have been inactive for a while and I decided to jump back with a poem that I wrote this summer, when I was in Venice.
I noticed that the people around me were focused more on their feet rather then up in the sky and they were missing so much beauty that i felt sorry for them.
I hope you enjoyed this new article of mine!
Love, Sara (aka The Basic Girl)