Valentine's Day is not only about relationships and couples. Also is a day to reforce the bound between you and your friends. So, I'll show you a few easy ideas of gifts for them. I think this can apply for both situations (either for your best friends or your girl/boyfriend)


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I know. This is the cheesiest thing ever. But a good quality chocolate can make a difference. Also, you can give his/her favorite candies.

Food is always a good option for presents. You can make a box with some of her/his favorite food. If you don't know how to put together all that stuff I'll give you an idea of how to do it:

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↳ 1.Where to put it?: Find a cute box or a bag where you can put your stuff.
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↳ 2. What can you put inside? Bassically you can put anything you want in the box. You can use: different tipes of bread (donuts, croissant, bagels, cupcakes, etc.), candies, chocolates, self care products, different flavors of tea, even fruit! (Because who doesn't love fruit?) Or... Use whatever comes to your mind and is Very Important to choose something that he/she enjoys.
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↳ 3. Addicional things: If you are someone perfectionist. Decorate it with some paper, ribbons, or anything you want.


Flowers are a must and last minute gift that people loves. Although, this could be more be more for girls. Is always a good option. Choose a bunch of cute flowers (you can go for the typical bouquet of roses, but I think it looks more better if there are a several types of them), tie them with a fancy ribbon and you are ready to go.

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Balloons are fun, looks cute, there are a great variety of shapes, forms, numbers, colors, textures... Well, that's up to you and your creativity, how many you want to give and the shapes and colors you are going to choose.

Hang Out

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Definitely hang out is a very good option. Either is you and your parther, your bestfriend or your whole group of friends. Go out and spend some time in a restaurant, preparing a meal in someone's house or if you want to be more romantic (for couples) go out for a more fancier dinner. Also a short trip to an amusement park, a near town or a picnic are good ideas.

Well, this is all for now. Hope you liked. Please leave a heart ❤, I will apreacciate it a lot.Thank you

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