1. get a pet, or two, or three. a lizard or a dog or a goddamn alligator. whatever you want.

2. explore new music.even if you don't think you'll like it.

3. make a big, beautiful breakfast for yourself and don't clean the dishes until that afternoon.

4. write a book

4. get really good at something you love doing.

5. give someone a compliment. not just "i like your hair". tell them they inspire you or that they are lovely to be around.

6. let everyone you love know that you love and appreciate them.

7. start a youtube channel

8. learn to cook

9. dye your hair crazy colours and don't care about what anyone thinks of it

10. go to a desolate area and scream at the top of your lungs with your friends

11. eat heaps of chocolate

12. learn to sing or dance

13. smile at everyone. it could make their day a whole lot better!!

14. fake sick and take a week off school

15. draw/paint

16. travel anywhere and everyhere

17. play with your little brother/sister. they won't be little forever

18. listen to sad songs on rainy days

19. go on a road trip with all your friends and listen to all your favourite songs

20. hug your dog/cat

21. try a new style of clothes

22. read a really good book

23. watch your favourite movie 15 times

24. talk to someone you used to be close to. get close to them again.

25. stay in your pyjamas all day

26. give a homeless person $50 or buy them a meal and some new clothes

27. buy that thing you've been wanting for ages

28. light a candle and take a nice bath

29. follow a trend you think is really stupid for a few days

30. start a blog

31. do something you're terrified of. get over that fear. jump out of a plane. hold a spider. (not a poisonous one, don't get hurt!!)

32. be nice to everyone

33. listen to your favourite music really, really loud.

34. learn some big words and incorporate them into your vocabulary

35. go swimming in the ocean at night (there's a bigger chance of you getting killed by a cow than there is getting eaten/bitten by a shark!)

36. obsess over a new band

37. do well in school and get your dream job (but remember that your grades don't define you <3)

38. eat something you've never eaten before

39. take photos of everything. the sunset, the trees. your pets. your family. print them and put them on a wall or make a scrapbook.

40. stick up for yourself. don't let anyone make you feel less than amazing.

41. cut all your hair off, regret it, and grow it back. it's better to look back and think "why did i do that?" than to think "i wish i did that"

42. laugh at your own jokes

43. marry the person you love

44. dye your hair blue. buy a pair of combat boots. wear flannels and don't care about anyone's opinion.

45. eat a whole tub of ice cream by yourself

46.if your mental health isn't the best, see a psychologist. it matters.

47. move to a new city

48. wake up really early and watch the sunrise

49. live your life however the hell you want to.

50. learn to love yourself.

- jess <3