1. draw and paint

Even if you don't know how, try it. It may turns really cute and you can put on your board or wall.

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a few ideas for you.

2. read a book

Ok, you know I love books. :)

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3. listen to music

music, grunge, and vintage image alternative, black, and brazil image album, artsy, and carry on image music, afraid, and the neighbourhood image

4. find healthy foods and snacks to make by yourself

fitness, healthy, and pasta image beans, avokado, and healthy image food, pancakes, and breakfast image food, adidas, and sandwich image

5. watch Netflix

netflix, vintage, and tumblr image Image by ษดแด€ษชษช chanel, tvseries, and netflix image asus, bedroom, and love image

6. go outside

girls and nature image flowers, sunflower, and sky image

7. text a friend

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8. search for funny compilations/ memes

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thanks for reading this.

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