My previous article had very good reactions, thank you so much, and I have decided to write one with my favorite songs in Spanish.

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Actually, I only listen to this band called PXNDX, formerly called Panda, and it has been my favorite band for several years. They are from the genre Rock. They are not together anymore. Anyway, let's start!

  • 1. Los malaventurados no lloran.
  • 2. Procedimientos para llegar a un común acuerdo.
  • 3. Saludos desde Turquía.
  • 4. Usted.
  • 5. Nuestra aflicción.
  • 6. Libre Pastoreo.
  • 7. Narcisista por excelencia.
  • 8. Disculpa los malos pensamientos.
  • 9. Muñeca.
  • 10. Maracas.

Please, do not attack me if they aren't songs of your liking hahaha jk. And feel free to dm me if you have any challenges for me or ideas of what articles should I write about.

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Thank you so much! Until next time!