Hello dear readers! I want to thank you for your hearts and reactions on my first article in "What to wear" series. I honestly didn't expect that, so THANK YOU A WHOLE BASKET OF BISCUITS!!!
So today I want to continue with another style, if you can say so,
And it is...
2) Name: I woke up like this and not that I care
Style icon: all of us in the mornings, imperfect and beautiful
Inspiration: early mornings, lazy sundays, nude colors
Main features: messy hair, oversized sweaters, natural makeup
The thing: aesthetic, books (don't ask me how come, I can't explain either), cuddling mood


Well, this is the easiest style to recreate. To pull it off you won't even have to put much effort. Consequently, there will be no must-haves for this style. You just wake up, say "hello gorgeous" to the person in the mirror and put on whatever you stumble upon in your closet:)

KEY: to stand out from the crowd:
* even though this style is effortless, all of your clothes must be clean and fresh;
* add one statement detail to give yourself a pretty-just-out-of-bed-girl-boss look; it might be a belt, a shoulder bag or a watch;
* hair, messy hair, oh;
* no-makeup makeup: good skin tone, emphasized bright eyes; you can go for cat eyes if you wish; pretty lips; personally I only do my brows and that's it;
* comfortable clothes: oversized sweaters, hoodies, shirts, jeans, sneakers or oxfords.

That's all for today, hope you enjoyed!
See you later:)

PS: I want to remind you guys that all I write on these styles is only my perception of them, which isn't supposed to actually be exactly what the styles are. It's all about aesthetics, pretty words when I name the styles (style itself might as well be called differently) and inspiration.

Thank you!
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