Heyy, I'm Marcy and... today it's my birthday.
I know that my family will do everything possible to have a good time. But some things I do not like at all. And I'm going to write about that.

The first years are amazing. You have a party, gifts, your friends and family with you and you pass a great time.
I loved going to birthday parties that were held in large rooms with games. And I liked to celebrate my birthday in those places and invite everyone.

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As the years pass, you stop celebrating birthdays so excessively. And you start to celebrate it with your closest friends and maybe, with your family.

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And you spend a nice day, laugh, eat, have fun for a while.

And when you are 17, 18 or 19 years old, many times your circle of friends was much reduced. And maybe, they want to make a big party, get out of control and drink a lot. And it's great! Because you HAVE friends.

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But the problem is when you've got a fake friens, that they don't care anything. And they do not even remember that it's your birthday.
It is super sad to see the hours go by and none of them told you happy birthday.

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And the worst of that, it's when you pass all day's of the year with your "friends" and they don't care a f*ck. It's horrible the feeling of you are not important for your "friends" and they are important for you.
or when they do not even bother to arrive. And you were a lot of time fixing everything to have a good time.

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And in truth, it does not bother me that people do not wish me a happy birthday. But it bothers me (too much) that people who call themselves "best friends" do not even tell me "have a nice day"

And the truth is that it bothers me too much. And I think I do not have the friends I should have for what I am.

So, with 19 years recently completed, I realized that I must get away from those people who claim to be my friends. They pretend to smile when we take a picture, they do not remember my birthday, they only use me when they have to do homework, when they go out together they ignore me or do not tell me anything.

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So, I recommend that if you have friends like mine, STAY AWAY from them. Make new friends and try to clarify everything from the beginning. And if you talk about it, maybe you have the best friends you've ever had!

And if you have not made new friends yet, now you have a new friend. A true friend forever and ever. You just have to send me a message and that's it. AND I WILL REMEMBER YOUR BIRTHDAY (!!!)

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So, at this moment, I'm happy. Because I'm hoping to meet new people this year and maybe, forget about them.

And if you read this article, it means a lot to me. Thank you very much for letting me express myself and be able to vent a little.

All the love from my heart, Marcy.