They teach us to be a little lady who need a man for everything, for love, for money, for safe…

They teach us to think like a compliant woman… you know, make the dinner, laundry, clean the house… take care of children, because obviously you need children to be happy. And yes! you can job, you can go to university but when you end it you need to be looking for a man, a beautiful house… and all those things.

They teach us to wear decorous, you can’t wear a little dress or skinny jeans.

They teach us to be afraid. Afraid to be confident and be a leader. To be a woman who have doctorates because that keeps men away and you never going to get married.

They teach us to be afraid about our sexuality, because a little lady doesn’t think in sex and orgasms, because a little lady only shows her body to her man, her body can be touched for he, but not by herself because that is improper and disgraceful. Her body it’s only attractive if a man says it. She can’t be sure of herself, of her body.

They teach us to take those vulgarities like compliments, because that’s the way it works. He tells something nasty and you should feel grateful and lovely.

They teach us to make plans for our wedding, but not make plans for our career, for our happiness doing the things that we love… engineer, art, writer, model, blogger, actress, baker, doctor, musician, astronaut… they don't teach us to make plans to be happy. What we want to be.

They don’t teach us to trust in ourselves. They don’t. So, you must learn.

Learn and understand that you don’t need a man’s love to be happy…

You have beauty in your soul and mind. You are beautiful and smart. Since the day you born you glow. You can do all those things that you imagine for your life, you can take risks, you can try it again, you are enough, enough and brave, brave to be alone and love yourself. You are strong, day by day you make art with your smile, you walk with self-confidence because you woke up with a lot of plans to start your success. Your eyes shine when you talk about the things you like.

You are a woman. Who fights every day. Who knows how conquer the world.

Be you. Take care of you. Love yourself. And don’t let that anyone stop you.

- Zu