(a) a change is gonna come ; sam cooke

change, quotes, and window image

[(a) always ; atlantic starr (i couldn't resist)]

summer image

(b) breakin' my heart (pretty brown eyes) ; mint condition

brown, fashion, and style image

(c) candy rain ; soul for real
(d) don't stop til you get enough ; michael jackson
(e) every breath you take ; the police
(f) fantasy ; mariah carey

galaxy, photography, and pretty image

(g) girls just want to have fun ; cyndi lauper

car, friends, and travel image

(h) here comes the sun ; the beatles

beach, sunset, and sea image

(i) i like it ; el debarge
(j) jump (for my love) ; the pointer sisters
(k) kiss from a rose ; seal

flowers, red, and rose image

(l) lean on me ; bill withers
(m) me, myself, and i ; beyonce
(n) no diggity ; blackstreet
(o) one, two step ; ciara, missy elliott
(p) purple rain ; prince

sky, purple, and aesthetic image

(q) sadly couldnt find one
(r) rich girl ; daryl hall & john oates

Image by ♔Coco♔

(s) so what ; field mob, ciara
[(s) september ; earth, wind, & fire (again lol)]

autumn, fall, and tea image

(t) tyrone - live version ; erykah badu
(u) un-break my heart ; toni braxton
(v) :/
(w) whatta man ; salt-n-pepa, en vogue
(x) ;(
(y) you cant hurry love ; phil collins

rose, rose gold, and pink image

(z) :,(

some letters have a billion songs and some i couldn't even find one for. so many of the letters though i had at least five options and i want to do more of these because of that haha

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