a woman once told my mother

i don't see color

no, she wasn't referring to lavenders and oranges. she meant skin tones. she didn't mean to be offensive in the slightest. shes a lovely woman. but as my mother told her i want to relay this same message to anyone who might read it:

i want you to see my color. i want you to appreciate my color.

i was blessed to be brought up in a family who's very aware and proud of our African heritage conscious conversations frequently and are aware of the ignorance of the world. i realize, however, that that ignorance can stem from either not wanting to know the truth or simply not knowing. i have so many things i want to say but today i'm here to tell you that black is beautiful. i think its obvious enough but some people seem to assume that black people either are ashamed of themselves or should be. this is all levels of incorrect. i wouldn't want to be anything else besides African. I can honestly say that "African" is one of my favorite words because i think it looks and sounds just as beautiful as its people, its cultures, its landscapes, its animals, and everything else about it.

i didn't make this to bash or degrade anyone. I'm simply expressing my love and passion for my fellow beautiful brown skinned people of every shade, size, and all their other beautiful and diverse features. if you have a problem with that, i'm very not sorry. thank you for your time.

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