I feel so lost and disoriented. I feel like I don't have a reason; a purpose to continue trudging through life. I feel like I have no motive to continue fighting through these endless hardships. It feels as though these hardships multiply as the days go by. Like they just pile up in front of me until they're the only things I see. And the worst part of it all is that these hardships feel like they are made of rock-hard bricks. The kind of rigid bricks that can only be teared down by multiple hardware tools. However, unlike those hardware tools, I don't have the will or power to break through my hardships. I don't know how to overcome them at all. My mind is at a constant war with my heart regarding what to do with every situation I'm in. I can never decide what I truly want and it's getting harder to continue living through these self-to-self conflicts. But, really? Does this sound like a valid reason to want to end my life? To any average person, it would not. But that's the thing: the average person does not have to endure conflicts like this. The average person isn't as indecisive as I am. The average person is not as conflicted as I am when it comes to writing a simple sentence; just like now. I'm simply conflicted with how to write my sentences; how to make them sound logical, how to spell words, or how to use punctuation. I just don't know what to do... Is this normal?