hello my lovely readers! here is my school morning routine and how i get ready for school. i hope this helps you will creating your own routine. 🌙

waking up

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obivously, the first thing i do is wake up. i usually set my alarm for 7am (as my school starts at 9am) i usually open my blinds and let the sunlight into my room. i always drink a cup of water as soon as i get out of bed, as i feel like it wakes me up! i make my bed as one simple act (like making your bed) will set the productive mood for the day.


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i head over to the bathroom and brush my teeth. i also splash some cold water onto my face to help wake me up. after this i just get dressed into my school uniform.

self care + getting ready

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so firstly i brush my hair and style it. i usually just wear it in a high ponytail or a messy bun. i start my skincare/makeup routine by spraying some mario badescu rose facial spray and mousturiser. i then apply some bronzer, blush and highlighter. i add some shiny eyeshaddow to thr inner corner of my eyes. i like to keep it very natural as it is a school day! if you would like to see a detailed makeup routine and what products i use here is my article about it:


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now onto breakfast. i love to make a cup of tea as i find it very warm and comforting. especially english breakfast. depending on the day, i may make a fruit bowl with yogurt and fruit as well as a piece of avocado toast. i will pack my food to take to school when i am in the kitchen.


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i just pack my bag (it's a grey kanken) with my water bottle, food, pencil case and any work. i head out the house and walk to school as it is some exercise and only a ten minute walk. i love to listen to my spotify monthly playlist along the way as well as scrolling through we heart it.

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thank you for reading this article and hopefully it helped you. have a beautiful day filled with positivity.

lots of love, mia xo ⭐✨