in society nowadays its so easy to see other people on social media and compare yourself to them.

"yeah, i got an A on this english quiz but this girl on instagram is two months younger than me and shes publishing a book in three days."
"yes i decided to eat healthier to cleanse myself from the inside out, but this girl eats whatever she wants and she has a perfect body."

what you need to realize is that everyone is built differently and everyone is on their own journey. please don't compare yourself. it'll be hard but making an effort to do this will no doubt improve your self confidence and outlook on life.

trust me i know it'll be hard to do. i have to tell myself over and over and sometimes it still doesn't stick.

be strong and be you. please because that girl is already taken. she already exists. don't try to be her when there's you. there is no other you in the world. remember that.

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