I love coming up with aesthetic collages so here's a couple. I would love to have my own aesthetic but my mood changes everyday, so everyday I am a different aesthetic. Some days I'm a flower child and other days I'm in a black and white world.

Here are some of my favorite aesthetics:

purple, aesthetic, and grunge image silence, quotes, and bullshit image purple, neon, and aesthetic image purple, pool, and grunge image
Watery Purple Night
yellow, art, and aesthetic image quotes, blue, and life image yellow, flowers, and beauty image yellow, aesthetic, and flowers image
Blue & Yellow~Yellow & Blue
sorry, quotes, and sick image Mature image beach, brunette, and sea image black and white image
Black and White Baby
pink, hurricane, and grunge image cat, flowers, and cute image nature, flowers, and green image aesthetic, eye, and green eye image
Pink & Green Galore
aesthetic, sunset, and plants image beach, aesthetic, and ocean image cat, travel, and Greece image aesthetic, eyebrows, and eyes image
Sunny Suzie
summer, beach, and converse image palms, green, and summer image quotes image blue, turquoise, and theme image
These don't really match but I can see myself there
girl, banana, and summer image aesthetic, alternative, and beautiful image aesthetic, booklovers, and beach image drink, vanilla, and tumblr image
Neat Caribbean Flow
green, tropical, and nature image green, tropical, and dark image girl, green, and summer image green, nature, and theme image
Jungle Spa Treat

I will possibly be doing a part two.
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