We all love social media. Posting photos on Instagram, sending silly snap chats to our friends, and documenting our trendy meals and outfits. But when is it too much? I came to the scary realization that I was social media obsessed five days ago. Currently I planned a one week long trip to Paris and London. It's my been dream to go to Europe since I was a kid. I have dreamed about it so much. But recently I realized that every time I pictured this magical vacation in my head, I've been picturing it in my mind in the form of Instagram posts. Me sitting in a café with some cute caption, me dancing in front of the Eiffel Tower, me sharing my wonderful hotel room view in the form of my snap chat story. I wondered, is this healthy? Am I really spending all this money on a trip for a few Instagram posts? If I had to leave my camera and phone at home, would I still want to go on this trip? I know that I would still want to go on this trip, but still, the glamour of the trip was almost erased from my mind. Call me crazy, but I instantly knew I was social media obsessed. I instinctively logged off my Instagram and snap chat (I had a friend do my snap chat streaks lol). At first I was bored, I mean what is a girl supposed to do?! But within in an hour I found something to do. Quite frankly I found the whole experience relaxing, and I realized how much I was missing out on. I watched a sunset that night, and you have no idea how relaxing it was to just watch a sunset in peace without constantly updating your snap chat story that I was watching the sunset. No phone, no documentation, no social media. Just me and the sunset. Absolute heaven. Don't worry about me, I'm not turning into some crazy internet free hippy. I still love me a lil Instagram but I have found a new peace without my phone. Try it. TRUST ME.