Hi everyone!

Today I want to give you some tips and basic stationery for you to start taking better and cute school notes :)


1. Match colors

Matching different colors it's an important thing before start taking notes, try to choose two or three colors, can be for titles, subtitles, highlighting words or decorating with doodles, frames, etc.

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Using different colors will make prettier the look of your notes

2. Use different fonts size

Title and subtitles can be bigger than normal text

book books

Also you can decorate titles to give it a better look

school image
hello banners
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3. Be organiced

You can organize the information into frames, tables, summerizing, with lists, etc.

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I'll give you some frames ideas below
(for more ideas, check out my collection which i'll left at the bottom):

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4. Highlight important things

Amazing tip for when you need to study, highlighting will help you to focus on important things.

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Thought adding stationery items will make this article longer, and longer means boring so, i'll make another article about it. Don't worry, it will be soon :3

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If you're looking for inspiration to start taking pretty notes, follow my collections:

THANK YOU SO MUCH!! for reading this at the end, lots of love♡♡♡

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