Hey there beautiful people of WHI! So i saw that a few people were writing about this article and i thought i'd participate in it. So feel free to message me if you'd like💖

Facts about me:

I LOVE Photography.

city, rain, and travel image city, light, and night image
I honestly always carry my camera around, its so much fun taking pictures of random things and editing them!

I Love music

music, Adele, and lana del rey image quotes, kiss, and friends image hayley kiyoko image dua lipa image
Hayley Kiyoko,Dua Lipa, and The 1975 are my favorite.

I love travelling

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I love visiting new countries and learning about the different cultures.

I love watching YouTube and Netflix

popcorn and netflix image maia mitchell, cierra ramirez, and the fosters image stranger things, eleven, and finn wolfhard image latina, series, and netflix image
Jane the virgin, american horror story, the fosters, marvel cloak and dagger,my mad fat diary,etc.

I LOVE animals

Image by astralxhoe Image by astralxhoe
Cats and birds are my favorite especially.

I love reading

Image by astralxhoe Image by astralxhoe
Harry Potter,the fault on our stars,the hunger games, and wintergirls are my favorite.

I'm 15

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I'm also learning french & spanish

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That's about it feel free to message me if you think we have stuff in common,even if we don't im up to learn about new stuff!