So, when I was a kid, back when Disney Channel was amazeballs (sorry, not too big of a fan now, if you are, that's cool) and Backstreet Boys were like 1D, I stayed sick. It'd start with a head cold (allergies), then proceed to worm its way into my lungs; thus turning into blasted bronchitis. I was a wheezing mess. Anyway, I'm currently in the head cold phase... super fun. So, here are a few tips that seem to help me.

-Lemon and honey tea.
Both things soothe a sore throat, this is good for that and drink plenty of water.

-Blow your nose.
Yeah, it's gross but, get the crap out. it does not pay rent. No, got to go.

-Spice It Up.
Spicy things will make the mucus come out easier.

Rest, realize that sleep is good. Put the technology away and close your eyes.

And if things worsen, go to the doctor. In the end, take care of yourself.

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If you're sick, I hope you feel better. :)