I’m writing this post while soaking in a bathtub hoping not to get electrocuted. Let’s just say, today was a long day. A great one, but a long one. You know what’s funny? When we’re super busy we complain about being busy but when things slow down, we complain about being bored.

I recently went to Bulk Barn and bought one fortune cookie (I’m a strong believer in fortunes). Inside this cookie it said, “a new work opportunity will avail itself” and boy was it right! In the last couple of days I’ve had the weirdest coincidences happen. At work, I had an amazing individual from a completely different department tell me that I was being recommended for a new project (so cool, I know). Then, I was approached by another opportunity completely separate from work and tied to something I do on the side.

It’s so crazy! I find that throughout the year my level of staying busy goes in waves, either I’m really really busy or I have a lot of extra time and it’s spent catching up on my shows. And, that’s a whole other topic.

So, how much can can you really handle? I think you can handle a lot. Instead of...

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