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So I found this challenge and it looked really cool to do it. It is a real challenge for my writing style and I took it! At the same time, I learned something new and also get inspired by the story behind.

This is an inspiring story full of sacrifices and dreams that little by little come true.

Someone told me once that if you want something no matter how hard your life is you're gonna do whatever it is in your hands in order to achieve that goal. There's no limitations.

That is called "PERSEVERANCE"

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The story that I'm about to tell you is the definition of that word. Also, is about something that I don't know anything about: BASKETBALL.

Yeah, I'm not a fan of sports... Don't judge me. I'm more into books and that things. But I actually learned a little about how difficult and challenging it is.

What do you want to be when you grow up?

This is that famous question that people ask when we are little.

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This guy wanted to be a jockey. He loved horses, and the idea of having one. He loved it in the way that his dad loved it too. It was his dream until he discover that it wasn't. He loved the idea of it but it wasn't his passion. It was something else.

Then, he moved to another town and he watch his neighbors playing basketball everyday.

That was the moment that changed his life.

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Step by step, his parents buyed him a small basket and a ball.

He didn't even know anything about the sport. But, he watch for hours his neighbors play and watch different games in the television, and it helped him to practice.

He had the discipline, respect, commitment, and the dedication to do it. And he did it. He sacrificed everything in order to achieve his goals. He left his family here in Puerto Rico, and he got an amazing opportunity in the United States with the Franklin Program. It is a program that prepares the skills of the players meanwhile they do games, and coaches from different parts comes to see them play, and sometimes they offer sports scholarships to different universities.

One anecdote of one of his games was one time that he went with the school team to play to another school in a final game. They lost the game, but that wasn't really bad after all because he had the opportunity to play in the final minutes, and he changed the game drastically. He showed the coach what he was made of. He showed the coach what he was made of. He shows him that he can trust him, and that he was more ready to the game than he thought.

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He takes the defeats as a learning experience.

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He is so passionate about basketball that you can see it in his words, in his steps, in his movements.

Actually, he's still doing a lot of sacrifices. He has an extreme practice with a duration of almost four hours everyday. After, has work. And, in the night, he runs about 20 minutes around his neighborhood. Finally, he does an exercise routine before he got to sleep.

Talking a little about his personal life he said that he is more matured now. He notice a change in people that before judge him and now they're looking for him, commenting in his videos and photos, etc. Even the girls who did not talk to him before, now they're looking for his attention. He talk to them, and he isn't hostile with them even when he remember the way that they were before. He talk to them and treat them with respect.

He has a philosophy:
If God bless you let that others be happy with your bless.

My Experience

Doing this interview about something that I don't know was the best interview that I've ever done in my life.

This guy is a truly inspiration. His story is really nostalgic and meaningful. He have been through a lot, and now he's still doing sacrifices to achieve his goal. He came from below. But he is more closer than he was yesterday, and that's for sure.

He is more than an inspiration. He is the definition of perseverance.

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The inspiring thing in his story is his attitude. He is a humble person, with a good heart, and in the videos when you watch him play you can see that he emanates passion.

For me it is an inspiration because I still continue in that search for that something that fills me and complements me. That thing that makes my eyes shine with splendor and that my heart be accelerated every time I talk about it. This guy has that and it's beautiful to see the way he has maintained his attitude even when his career as a sportsman is on the rise. Many become hostile just as he mentioned it. While he continues to give thanks to God for where he is today, and that, is an example to follow. He has an incredible talent and he deserves that and much more. May he have a life full of achievements!

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You can watch some of his movements by clicking in the link above.

Until the next time!

Tons of love... T.