Hey, guys!
What a shame, it's been such a long time since the last time I posted an article here. I completely forgot about my 30 days writing challenge... But I'm back now!

Lately I've seen lots of articles about morning routine and decided to do mine! Just to make something really clear here: I hate waking up early, I'm definitely not a morning person.

I wake up everyday of the week at 05:50 and go straight eat breakfast. I have gastritis and some other stomach issues, so the first thing I do is take my medicine. For breakfast, I'm not the most health person right when I wake up because I'm still sleeping, so I drink a cup of hot chocolate milk and eat half of french bread on the plate, or I eat some whole-wheat chocolate chip.

After I finished eating, I go to the bathroom where I do my necessities and wash my face with an anti oil soap. I put on my contacts lens and brush my teeth. Note: All of the eating process I'm not with my glasses so I see literally nothing.

When I go back to my bedroom, I'm a little more awaken and then I choose what I'm going to wear. Normally, I'm always using skinny jeans or black leggins pants. After getting dressed and I sit on dressing table and do my make up. Here, it gets a little complicated because most of the days I'm running a little late or I don't know what to do. My basic make up is applying concealer so I can cover up my red spots and I also use it underneath my eyes to highlight it a little bit, then I cover everything up with powder, I apply mascara and my nude lipstick, then I just spray perfume and I'm ready to go if my hair is looking fine. But there are days that or I'm going out after class or I'm inspired or I look like I'm dying that I use more make up then normally. On theses days, use foundation, concealer to highlight underneath my eyes, bronzer to make me feel a little more health and not so pale, mascara and lipstick.

I try to be ready before 06:16, so after I finished I can wait for my friend downstairs and we go to college.

That's basically what I do my normal days when I have class, because when I don't I'm probably sleeping or doing something that I don't really need to prepare myself.

What's your morning routine?