Two words can set your fate
Two words is all it takes
Will you love me through all my mistakes?
Will you never leave me behind?
I will you whispered
It didn’t take long for me to see
See through all the lies you told me
Do you love me?
Do you care about me?
I do you whispered
I tried to forgive
I tried to forget
But the familiar signs struck me once again
A punch to my stomach
If it had only hurt that bad
I wish I could just go back to the start
I hope you’ll be happy
I will you whispered
It oozed from your mouth like poison
A whisper that felt like a slap
My heart split a thousand different ways
The sound of a defining silence
Will I be okay?
Will I ever feel that way again?
I will I whispered
Those words imprinted in my mind
Just two
I will