Hello wonderful people,

I thought that I could also participate the #findyourhalf contest with this article. This contest is a great way to get to know some wondeful people- so just text me if you'd like to.

So here are some facts about me:

1.I LOVE Photography.

Image by serendipityslut flowers, yellow, and white image
Its just so much fun to walk around and take pictures of aesthetic stuff.

2.I'm german and turkish.

berlin, cant wait, and countdown image istanbul image
I live in Berlin - Most of my (turkish) relatives are living in Istanbul.

3.Music is one of the most important things in my life.

ed sheeran, cat, and ed image tattoo image bastille and dan smith image band, coasts, and boys image
I listen to artists like ED SHEERAN(I'm still obsessed af after like 3-4years), Harry Styles, Bastille, Coasts, Twenty One Pilots, Arctic Monkeys, Jeremy Zucker, Jon Bellion...

4.I love stargazing and looking at sunsets

stars, sky, and night image sunset, sky, and city image
It's just breathtaking.

5. Travelling- I love travelling to different countries

travel, amsterdam, and city image architeture, city, and london image beautiful, city, and feature image city, architecture, and travel image
Amsterdam, London, Milan and Barcelona are my fav cities atm

6. Series

stranger things, love, and quotes image beautiful, norway, and even image modern family image 13 reasons why, quotes, and suicide image
My fav tv Series are Stranger things, Skam, Modern Family and 13rw.

7. I love flowers

yellow, car, and aesthetic image girl, sunflower, and flowers image
flowers can't solve problems - but they're a great start.

If you think that we have a lot in common or whatever - just send me a postcard and we can become friends. Have a great day :')