[30 days song challenge]

I decided to do this 30 days song challenge, because I´m really addicted to music and at the moment it´s also the only thing, that really makes me happy. So, the first topic was actually a song, which makes me happy. And I have to admit, there are a lot of songs, who can make me happy. But there is a specific band who can make me happy with each of their songs: Eskimo Callboy

And now there are my top 3 happiness-songs:

1) 5$ Bitchcore - Eskimo Callboy

2) Adventure Of A Lifetime - Coldplay

3) Clint Eastwood - Gorillaz

It also depends on the situation, which song makes me happy or feel better. When I´m angry, I listen to metal songs, because I can get rid of my anger by that. Yeeh.

So, I hope, I´m doing that article stuff right, this is my first one. I guess, I´ll improve when I write articles more often.

I hope, y´all have a good day!