As we all know, valentine's day is coming up and if you're single pringle as me, you might not like valentine's day.
I mean seeing all those love hearts and "love is in the air"- stuff, realizing that everyone around you has found their true love or whatever - it can be really take you down as a person.
"I'm totally girlfriend material!"

So here are a few things you could do to make valentine's day amazing. Maybe even better than the day of all those couples. Who are swapping spit. Ew.

First of all, waking up, you should make sure you drink enough to keep you strong seeing all those couples.
Oh, and before going to bed on 13th of February you shoud definitely write a letter to yourself, telling yourself what an amazing person you are and why. LOVE YOURSELF

Treat yourself. Buy chocolate, roses, anything that makes you happy because you are an amazing human being and amazing people like you deserve all of that yummy or beautiful stuff.

I don't know about you but I love baking so I recommend baking a heart shaped cake and decorating it with lots of love.

Take a bath! Baths a so relaxing and calming.

All of those shops sell valentine's day stuff and sometimes there is even a discount so go and get yourself some stunning (and comfy!!) underwear even if nobody is going to see it, you can just look pretty and nice for yourself :)
(But you're pretty without that extremely erotic underwear too!!!)

Watching a film (avoid everything that includes love)

Take a nap because naps are awesome. just like u

I hope this article helps you surviving Valentine's day
and don't forget to love yourself :D