hey , bonsoir mes jollies
so ... i have no idea how to start this it been a while since i've been on we heart it even more so when it comes to writing articles but what can you do about it ?
c'est la vie
anyway after long suffering and agony i have finally finished my exames😁😊🤣👏
thank you god for you're mercy) T_T
aand why am i blabling about this , let us get on with the subject of our article :
so while i've been passing my exams i have had this wierd burst of creativity
i suddenly had this urge to get back to painting, skatching and drawing
along with lots and lots of ideas for fanfictions and stories and also some articles
and while i think this ideas may be quiet original and a little weird because i have yet to find any stories with similar plotlines in the internet
so i honestly want to make something out of this but i'm also scared to start on my own , as i mentioned in one of my last artciles get to know me english is not my first language .
and as i have never wrote a story before in my life; i read alot so i can make the difference between good writing and the not soo good ; dont get me wrong many time i have stumbled on a very good stories and by that i mean plots but the writing wasn't exactly accurate and as i a reader it kinda stumps you abit and i dont want that for anyone whose gonna read what i wrote ,whoever they are , i honsetly want them to ejoy it , to imagin it just like i did and travel through my words and sentences and let us not forget the editing and the fact that im not very good at discribing even if i have the scean perfectly displyaed in my head ;the emotions , the background everything ..im unable to discibe it accuretly
so , i said to myself "maybe you can do a collabe you know get someone who is actually good at writing , who has some experiance to help out
point out what's good , what's not? " and that what i did i messaged some writers and proposed a collab but i have yet to get a reply
and i thought how else am i possibly gonna find somebody ?
how can i get my message across that when it hit me
i mean hey where else can i possibly find creative and enthusiastic people other than on we heart it
soo tout ça pour dire :

if you are willing

if you are good at writing

or even if you know someone

if you want to

be part of this little project of mine , i'd really really appriciate it
you can contact me and message me, if you have fanfictions ; or stories you want me to check out to see your writing styles
go ahead
and i hope that i can find my future partner through this
i really hope my message gets across
and ......

>— c'est tous.

thank you for your time and for reading this even if you aren't intrested
till next time byby~~