Hey, loves! in this article i'll show you some outfits ideas you might wanna try out for next week! if you have no idea what you wanna wear next week (like me), then keep on reading


Nobody likes Monday cause we're all missing the weekend and I'm pretty sure that we all have no energy (and probably too cranky) to put on something fancy to wear. So the best outfit to go for is just something causal.

Casual Slay ♡
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  • Wear a white cropped t-shirt with a cool statement on it. This is better than wearing a plain white t-shirt cause plain t-shirts make an outfit look boring.
  • Add some ripped high-waist skinny jeans to your outfit to make it look effortlessly cool.
  • Finish off the look with some white Adidas sneakers to match the colour of your t-shirt and to also make your outfit look cute and causal.


Tuesdays are definitely better than Mondays because by now, we are all starting to adjust to the weekday -this means that we have a little bit more energy to add a few fancy pieces to an outfit.

Effortlessly Cute ♡
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  • This outfit is actually quite basic, but it looks fancy because of the chic statement-pieces, like the: Ankle boots and the bucket bag.
  • To pull off an outfit like this,you simply have to wear an off-the shoulder sweater and a denim mini skirt ( don't forget to add a belt to help accentuate your physique)
  • Add some ankle boots to your outfit to make a basic-casual-looking outfit into something quite fancy & cute.
  • Finish off your look with a beautiful bucket bag!


Wednesdays can be quite annoying because it has you questioning why Friday is so far way! This day is usually boring and slow - leaving you with not a lot of energy to go for a fancy looking outfit.

Simple but cool ♡
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  • This is the best outfit to wear when you're feeling lazy, cause it gives the illusion like you put a lot of effort into putting together this outfit.
  • If you wanna wear a simple and cool outfit all you have to do is get a cropped hoodie and matching sweatpants. Not only is this outfit super comfy but its also cool.
  • Finish off the look with some matching vans old skool sneakers.


Thursdays' get you hyped and excited, cause its just one day away from the best day of the weekday - Friday!!

Thursday is a good day to start wearing something fun, in preparation for the weekend!!

Chic & Casual ♡
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  • To get this look, you need to wear a basic black crop top and some black and white pinstripe trousers.
  • Pair your outfit with an off-white faux fur coat, to make your casual outfit look classy.
  • Finish off your look with some white sneakers and accessories your outfit with a black over the shoulder bag!


Fun & Fancy ♡

TGIF!! Everyone loves that Friday-feeling! The feeling of freedom!!

Friday is a good day to let loose and wear something fun!!

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To achieve this look, all you need to do is:

  • Wear a black sheer long sleeve bodysuit, with some mom jeans.
  • Assecorise your jeans with a leather belt, to add more interesting details to your jeans.
  • Finish off your look with some black ankle-strap heels and a faux fur over the shoulder bag!

Thanks for reading, loves

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