Handmade Indian Jewellery- How to write the product
description that represents your unique creation.

We have many talented, artistic designers selling through eMalhar.com. Many of them make
exquisite handcrafted jewellery that are mesmerizing and gorgeous. This is a quick guide on
how to write the description that features all the key elements of your creation.

In order to create a description that sells, the best way to ensure you’re including all information
a prospective buyer would want to know. Make sure you cover the following:

-How big is each piece? Please specify the length, weight etc

-Customizations allowed? If so, what kind?

-Do you have different sizes or colors available?

-Do you have it in stock? If not, how long it will take you to make it?

-Be more creative.

You have made the best piece of ornament, but that is not enough for selling it through online.
Be more creative and use adjectives that will kindle imagery and emotions in your prospective
buyers. Some of the adjectives you could use to make that connection include:

  • Bespoke . Jaw-Dropping
  • Bold . Laid-Back
  • Calming . Layerable
  • Charming . Luxurious
  • Classic . Magnetic
  • Dazzling . Mesmerizing
  • Delicate . Minimalist
  • Divine . Modern
  • Edgy . Must-Have
  • Elaborate . One-of-a-Kind
  • Enviable . Shimmering
  • Ethereal . Sparkling
  • Everyday . Special
  • Exquisite . Stackable
  • Festive . Stormy
  • Fiery . Striking
  • Flawless . Strong
  • Fresh . Stunning
  • Glamorous . Stylish
  • Glimmer . Sunny
  • Glitzy . Timeless
  • Gorgeous . Touchable
  • Graceful . Trending
  • Handcrafted . Unblemished
  • Intricate . Unique
  • Intriguing . Upscale
  • Investment . Vibrant

Some final points:

After writing a description that connects you to the buyer it is very important to proofread it.
Make sure that the spelling and grammar are correct, read them out loud and make sure that it has a personal touch that represents your brand.

Indu Devi -eMalhar.com

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