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“Those pizzas I ate were for medicinal purposes.” ― Amy Neftzger
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Do you already have the Spring fever? I'm dying to see the flowers grow and bloom...

In fact, we all love those hot, fatty, high-calorie pizzas because -let's be honest- they're delicious!

But, the fact is that there are many fantastic pizzas which are healthy, low-calorie and even tastier than unhealthy ones! I'm talking about a personal experience: Really, when I thought about a pizza with vegetables I just wanted to brush off the image from my mind. But then when I first tasted it, I fell in love! You won't be disappointed.

Margherita Queen
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Let's start from the very beginnings... Just change the ordinary cheese for a light one and use an organic tomato sauce! Add some basil on top to get a flavourful pizza. Besides, basil is a medicinal herb and it's well-known due to its immunity-enhancing properties so it's really good ;)

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If you want to eat a tasty pizza, you can just add random veggies that you like. I personnaly adore:

  • Aubergine (it's a friend of our bones: prevent lots of bone issues)
  • Courgette (weight loss, improved vision and cancer prevention are just some of its benefits)
  • Spinach (althought it's not very tasteful, it has plenty of properties such as preventing asthma or improving our skin-care!)
Avocado Party
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Guess what? The main ingredient of these pizzas is avocado! The secret here is that there's no secret. Just put on a few slices of avocado on the pizza (TIP: the thinner the better) and add ingredients you might like such as smoked salmon, ham and you can even put some fruit on if you like bittersweet combinations!

My Favourite One
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I'm actually a person who loves to taste new savours and discovering food from other cultures, but I can't help having a favourite one: courgette pizza topped with goat cheese! It's absolutely delicious, crunchy, healthy... Mmmm!

“What is life, it comes to me, without the occasional risk of pizza?” ― Tim Federle

♡ Add some olive oil on the top of the pizza before baking it ♡

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♡ Don't forget oregano ♡

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♡ Use only organic and ecologic ingredients ♡

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♡ Create and invent new pizzas (vegan, vegetarian, sweet...) ♡

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