I know this may be a bit repeated, but I think it's an interesting challenge, so I'll do it, I hope you dont get bored with the things that I'll write during these 30 days

1.List 10 facts about yourself.

pink, heart, and <3 image Image by ↝
I have 3 names - I have an obsession with Russian dolls
art, quotes, and amazing image animal, penguin, and winter image
I love art - my favorite animal are the penguins
espanol, french, and funny image yellow, tumblr, and hair image
I speak three languages (français, español, English) - I am allergic to mani
Image by ♛Princess♛ food, fruit, and green image
my favorite season of the year is winter - my favorite fruit is watermelon
yellow, kiss, and kill image beauty, marina diamandis, and electra heart image
eternal love to the yellow color - marina diamandis is my goddess

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