I was in 11th and Alex in 12th grade, we were very close friends, we both felt something for each other, but we never admitted... school is over and we do not talk anymore.

The school started, I was already in 12th grade, I met another guy, James. We were friends, very close... He was my new best friend, we talked about everything and I told him what happened last year with Alex ... and I thought that the same thing would happen with him what happened to Alex.

At a party, those typical teen parties, Alex showed up... I was quite glad I really missed him so much ... but throughout the party the atmosphere got strange, I came out of it to look for James, because I wanted to thank him for having invited Alex for the party. With the strange environment, Alex leaves the moment I left and comes to the street where people are smoking ... one of the guys who was smoking offered a cigarette to Alex, he ended up accepting even knowing that I did not like that he smokes.

I walked around the party, completely confused and unsure what to do ... when I come to the street , a car stops right in front of me, the supposed girlfriend of James leaves the car drawing attention of everyone who was there . "Admit that you love my boyfriend!" she said, James was on the other side of the road, I look around me and everyone was waiting for the answers "yes" or "No". In the middle of those people I see Alex, looking surprised and apprehensive at my answer ... and that's when something touched me and I answered the girl "No! I do not like him, thanks to him I realized that I love another one! " I look to where Alex was and he turns his back and get out of there ... I run quickly behind him calling him, but he doesn’t stop. When I got close to him, I grabbed him by the arm and I looked at him, and he looked at me ... and what I really think I should do, because it would be an honest gesture was to kiss him ... and that's what I do.