Hi guys! Today, I thought about my future and I decided to write it somewhere. I always had a good idea of where I want to live or what I want to have. And I know it's materialistic but I think it would contribute to my happiness. It's my way of a successful life. So, let's go into it!


house, luxury, and home image house, city, and home image
I see myself having a house and an apartment in two different cities because I get bored of routine easily.


clothes, closet, and shoes image red and dress image
One day, I will wear this dress.


Image by Božena Tiesiog california, explore, and hollywood image beautiful, obsession, and passion image travel, blue, and iceland image


book, coffee, and vintage image surf, summer, and surfing image
I love reading and surfing. And I'm willing to continue doing it in the future.


hair, girl, and brunette image love image travel, passport, and map image audi, car, and black image
I want long hair and a tattoo at this place. I will travel a lot and own a beautiful car.


love, couple, and goals image couple, romance, and love image girl and workout image couple, dress, and goals image
I believe in a relationship where we support each other and are successful together. We would laugh and love passionately.


luxury, car, and goals image woman image flowers, view, and apple image feminist, feminism, and woman image
I consider myself as a feminist and I want to prove what I'm capable of. I believe in equal rights for everyone.


dog, cute, and puppy image house, home, and design image
I love stargazing and this room is the perfect place for this activity.

Thanks for reading this, I hope you enjoyed and don't forget :

"Do one thing every day that scares you."
Eleanor Roosevelt