Really, I ought to do many things. But I'm going to focus on some key things to do to help you in your daily routine, besides the basic physical care, as well as some things I try to incorporate into my life on a daily basis.

(Basic reminder just in case: get enough sleep, eat well, take a break & essentially, take your of yourself.)

Have a little of each of these things in your day for more warmth in your heart. ☺

1. Communicate Talk to others. Have a long conversation to catch up with a friend. Share something funny, something you learned or something that reminded you of someone. Let others know how you're feeling and listen to how they're feeling. Say thank you to the people who help you, whether they know it or not. Let people know that you love them and that you're there for them.

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2. Laugh Find silly things happening in real life and send them to your friends. Think about the funniest memories from the past and imagine ridiculous things that may happen in the future. Laugh until it hurts and you feel like you'll never be able to keep a straight face again.

3. Enjoy nature Step outside for a few minutes. Discover a hidden beach or a new park. Pack a picnic and go on a road trip. Find where you've never been before.

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4. Read Check out the headlines of the news. Flip through your favourite book. Try to understand why something is being published. Read an interview in a magazine. Read movie reviews. Read pamphlets. Find what interests you and learn about it through reading.

5. Write Put pen to paper. Get it out in writing. Throw it away later or keep it in a time capsule. Journal your thoughts. Doodle your thoughts. Write a letter to your friend. Find words for your life.

6. Do something you enjoy Listen to music. Play with your pet. Have a family game night. Try a new hobby. Whatever makes you smile, do it.

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7. Do something for you Take a nap. Listen to your intuition. Be comfortable being you. Focus on your goals and dreams. Take some time to organize your thoughts. Make time to celebrate your successes, big or small.

These are just a few things to think of when evaluating your life. With all things, balance is necessary. Keep these in mind and you will figure out what you need more of in your life.


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