Hello we heart it people! Today marks the start of me, once again, trying to keep a healthy lifestyle and hopefully lose some pounds. This has happened a lot throughout my life, I realize i'm not as skinny as I would like to be (healthy skinny of course!!) or I realize that i'm eating way too much even when i'm not as hungry, and I say to myself "Lana, from tomorrow on you are going to completely change your habits". This leads to hours of me going through the weight loss and diet tags here on we heart it, then eating super healthy and going to the gym for about a week until I fall back down on the black hole that is my unhealthy lifestyle.

But not this time. This time I've decided that I don't want my life to be a black hole anymore, I'm turning it back into a star (even though that's scientifically impossible, but shhh science nerds). And this is how i'm planning to do so:

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  • First of all, I needed to organize my eating habits, and I know from experience I cannot do that on my own, so I started going to a nutritionist. I've already been to one last year but I didn't quite like her. Anyways, yesterday was my first appointment with this new nutritionist (her name is Caro, she seems nice for now) and she gave me a list of healthy meal ideas and she also explained to me how this foods would affect my body in a positive way rather than the unhealthy foods I was eating, we'll see how it goes (let me know if you'd like me to write an article later on going to the nutritionist and how much it actually helps!).
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  • Second, I started going to the gym again, kinda. I went to a sport cycle class on monday and I haven't been able to go since because I've been kinda busy with studying and catching up with some friends and blah blah blah (I'm already tired of my excuses), but I promise I'll be going later today!! My relationship with the gym always fluctuates between me being super motivated and going four days a week to me barely going one or two times with a bad mood, but hey, I guess that's how life works.
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  • Lastly, I don't wanna do this alone, which is why I'm going to be sharing my journey here with you guys, or at least with the five or six people who are actually reading this. If anyone has any tips to give me, or if anyone is thinking about starting a new healthy lifestyle, don't doubt to message me! I would love to have a fitness buddy, someone to talk about and share this experience with.

So, what are you waiting for? Stop just looking through the healthy tags here and storing them on the Things I have to do someday part of your brain and change it to Things I'm starting to do today, you will thank yourself later.


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