Darkness is a hunter.

She surrounds us everywhere we go. You will never escape from her, no matter how hard you try.

she lures you in

making you think you are safe,

but pulls you into his kingdom.

she starts to slowly surround you till you can't breathe.

you try with everything.

you try to escape her grip, but you can't. you can't.

once you finally break free,

she effortlessly pulls you back in.

you can't escape

it doesn’t matter what you do,

say or how hard you try, she is always creeping round the corner looking for his next prey.

everywhere you turn, she is there.

everywhere you go, she is there.

it doesn’t matter where you go, she will always be there.

you just can't escape her.

once darkness reaches you,

nothing will ever be the same again.

now she has what she wants,

and she won't let you ruin her fun.

This is the work of my best friend, Phoebe! I recognized the beginning stanza from the book, 'Salt to the Sea'. So you guys don't think she copied off of it, it was an assignment based off the book.

P.S. I apologize for the dark and depressing stories. I want to write a bit more cheerful and dreamy ones when I get the chance.

"Have a wonderful day!"