Yesterday I found an article about the stars in Mythology, and so I started to look for some information on Slavic Mythology and pagan, druidy_druidism and Celts!
So I learned a lot of cool stuff I didn't know for sure, so here I wanted to share with you about the Domovoi.

The Domovoi or also known as Domovoy is a protective house spirit in Slavic Folklore.
Domovye are masculine "beasts", usually small and bearded, sometimes they can be covered in hair all over their body. Some says that they can take the appearance of current or former owners of the house, sometimes with tails or horns.
Traditionally, every house is said to have its own domovoi who lives either in the stove, (under the threshold, in the cattle shed, or in the stables).
The domovoi is seen as the home's guardian, and if he is kept happy he maintains peace and order and rewards the household by helping with household chores and field work. To stay in his good graces, his family leaves him gifts such as food (milk, porridge, bread, and salt), or tobacco.
The Domovoi would occasionally pinch the family in their sleep. If the resulting bruises didn't hurt, no meaning was to be derived from this action, however if the bruises were painful, it meant that the house spirit wanted to drive the family from the house.
The domovoi is also an oracle, his behavior foretells or forewarns about the future. If he laughs, sings, jokes, or dances (happy things), then good times can be expected, and if he strums a comb there is a wedding in the future, but if he wails at night, extinguishes a candle or makes himself visible (bad kind of things), then it means a family member, usually the head of the household, will, unfortunately, die. The touch of the domovoi is also a harbinger: If his furry hand feels warm, good fortune is indicated; however, if his touch is icy cold, misfortune is coming.
This was from a general belief from the time before Slavs changed their religion to christianism, orthodox, catholic etc.. Our nowadays common religions. Now the Domovoi is rather seen as an antic legend or a myth to scare the children or so.

Anyway I hope you like it, it was really interesting to learn all this.


xxx_the cover pic is a representation of a Domovoi.

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