You never walk alone lyrics

I wanna hold your hand
And go to the other side of the earth
To end this winter

- Spring Day

You know it all
You’re my best friend

- Spring Day

It’s impossible to forget and give up
Because those lips were too sweet

- Boy meets evil

Even my blood, sweat and tears
Even my body, heart and soul
I know that it’s all yours

- Blood,Sweat and Tears

Baby, I don’t care if I get drunk, I’ll drink you in now
Your whiskey, deep into my throat

- Blood, Sweat and Tears

Kill me softly
Close my eyes with your touch
I can’t even reject you anyway
I can’t run away anymore
You’re too sweet, too sweet

- Blood, Sweat and Tears

I can’t stand
you crying
I want to cry instead


Again, cry because I couldn’t protect you
- Stigma

I didn’t know your Significant back then
Back then I was content with just looking at you

- First Love

After the dawn, two of us
We welcomed the morning together
Don’t let go of my hand forever, I won’t let go of you again either

- First love

If someone keeps cursing at you
Tell em you’re my lady, go tell them
Whatever anyone else says, whatever this world says
You are my best, just as you are

- 21st Century Girls

It’s okay, now count one two three and forget
Forget all the sad memories, hold my hand and laugh

- 2!3!

Yeah we may be covered in scars
But we can smile if we’re together

- You never walk alone

I can feel the warmth in your hand that I’m holding
You never walk alone
Feel me, you are not alone either

- You never walk alone

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