I saw a lot of people doing this tag/challenge and I think it's really cool, so I'm doing it too!

1. If you were a shoe?

shoes, fashion, and black image Image removed
Two-piece sandals

2. If you were a moment?

beach, fashion, and icons image beach, palm tree, and summer image
Soft wind caressing your face

3. If you were a place?

aesthetic, fashion, and hipster image girl, beach, and summer image
A white sand beach

4. If you were a feeling?

summer, girl, and beach image girl, friends, and bath image
Submerging yourself in water

5. If you were a song?

iphone, headphones, and gold image iphone, gold, and apple image
Unpredictable by 5sos or LOST BOY by Troye Sivan

6. If you were a book?

book, jeans, and white image book, movie, and quotes image
The Perks of Being a Wallflower

7. If you were a season?

summer, girl, and beach image summer, beach, and sun image

8.If you were a view?

travel, sea, and beach image summer, beach, and ocean image
Bungalows on the beach

9. If you were famous?

girl, fashion, and beauty image fashion, green, and outfit image
Singing or modeling

10. If you were a type of weather?

beauty, bikini, and summer image africa, holidays, and summer image
A cloudless and hot day with soft winds.

11. If you were an accessory?

clothes, fashion, and dress image Image by gzneverdie
A necklace

12. If you were an item of clothing?

fashion, girl, and hat image fashion, outfit, and style image
A romper

13. If you were a drink?

balck and white, fashion, and milk image drink, mojito, and cosmopolitan image
Frozen red wine or Malibu sunset cocktail

14. If you were a color?

rose, flowers, and pink image aesthetic, fashion, and gym image
Dusty rose

15. If you were a moment of the day?

girl, aesthetic, and tumblr image flowers, aesthetic, and lips image
Golden hour

16. If you were a quote?

"I just live by the ABC's: adventurous, brave, creative."
Image by BUBBLEBOB book, college, and desktop image

17. If you were an element?

adventure, explore, and filter image Temporarily removed

18. If you were an activity?

beach, ocean, and tan image beach, blue, and board image
Boogie boarding

19. If you were an emotion?

girl, summer, and sea image ✨ and it's.me image
Freedom or spontaneity

20. If you were an object?

art, journal, and book image bullet journal, bujo, and journal image
A journal

21. If you were an animal?

wolf, animal, and black and white image wolf image
Himalayan wolf

22. If you were a body part?

eyes, eye, and green image eyes, blue, and eye image

23. If you were a date night?

Image removed Mature image
A walk on the pier

24. If you were a TV series?

that 70s show, ashton kutcher, and couple image that 70s show, funny, and ashton kutcher image
That 70's Show

25. If you were a fictional character?

emma watson, actress, and beauty image article and emma watson image
Hermione Granger

26. If you were a dessert?

food, drink, and ice cream image Image by astralxhoe
Ice cream (mint or strawberry)

27. If you were a flower?

flowers, lily, and outfits image flowers, цветы, and лилии image

28. If you were a scent?

fruit, food, and healthy image fruit, food, and watermelon image
Assorted fruits

29. If you were a superhero?

Marvel, storm, and x-men image girl power, Marvel, and storm image

30. If you were a school subject?

tumblr, book, and art image book, coffee, and aesthetic image
Creative writing

31. If you were a fabric?

90's, alternative, and black image fashion, style, and outfit image

32. If you were a flavor?

peach, fruit, and food image peach, fruit, and food image
Blueberries and peaches

33. If you were a part of nature?

Mature image girl, flamingo, and summer image
The ocean

34. If you were a word?

Numinous; (adj.) describing an experience that makes you fearful yet fascinated, awed yet attracted- the powerful, personal feeling of being overwhelmed and inspired
fashion, jeans, and style image pink, surf, and summer image

35. If you were a mythical creature?

wolf, animal, and eye image animals image

All the love! X

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