Hey guys, so today I made a compilation of some tips to get a good audition on the acting business. Many of you don’t know but my ultimate goal is to be an actress. This is not coming from experts, but I thought it might help if you share the same dream. Let’s go!

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1. Zig when they zag.

Being distinct is key guy. Be yourself with no fears. After all, is YOUR life we are talking about.

2. Don’t look for validation.

Enter- do- go. Just do your thing and don’t care about what people will say.

3. Learn about the business.

Take as much references as you can. Watch every video, movie, series you can. Read books. JUST KEEP LEARNING.

4. Connect on a personal level.

Keep in mind that those people that are interviewing you are humans just like you. Don’t be disrespectful.

5. Be a colleague.

Treat them as your friends. I’m not saying for you to joke all the time. It is just to keep in mind that everyone there wants the best for you. Be comfortable.

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6. It’s YOUR audition.

You can change places or wait for the casting directors to get off the phone. OWN THAT PLACE.

7. Have confidence.

The way you walk. The way you talk. Don’t show anxiety.

8. No self-doubt.

Step into your greatness. YOU CAN DO IT.

9. Have fun.

Just remember why you chose it.

10. Understand what not to do.

Research. Research. Research.

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When you don’t know what monologue to choose make sure that the character fits you (same gender, race,age…) and see if you can make the monologue mean something other than the writer intended. Don’t be afraid to be versatile.
• All the information are from youtube videos and ebooks that I’ve been studying.
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- @jwliard

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