A - age

I'm 19 yo, I'll be 20 in two months.

B - best movie

I don't really know what movie is the best.. I really like LOL (2012), Pirates of Caribbean and Thor, and others..

black and white johnny depp

C - current time

5:25 pm

D - drink you last had


glitter blue

E - everyday starts with

My lovely cat

Superthumb Superthumb

F - favorite song

My favorite song at the moment is Havana by Camila Cabello.

havana beauty havana

G - grossest memory

I really don't know.

H - height

160 cm..

I - in love with

Music, tv series, my bedroom, my cat, my dog, Prague, Greece etc..

glasses buildings Superthumb

J - jealous

Yes, my things are mine

jealousy bae

K - killed someone?

obv no, but

quotes, success, and smile image

L - last time you cried?

I think yesterday

M - middle name

I don't have one

N - number of siblings


O - one wish

I just want to be happy

black and white Superthumb

P - person you last called / texted

My bae

Q - question you’re always asked

What's your name?
lol I don't know

R - reasons to smile

My reasons to smile are my cat,my best friend, the sea, the beautiful little things, the surprises ect..

animal beach

S - song you last sang

Heart on Fire by Jonathan Clay

crazy Superthumb

T - time you woke up

9 a.m.

U - underwear color


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V - vacation place(s)

Greece, Maldives, Sardinia..

Superthumb Greece ocean

W - worst habit


mind Superthumb life

X - x-rays you’ve had

Teeth x-rays

galaxy, skeleton, and skull image

Y - your favorite food

Probably Pizza

food, pizza, and eat image

Z - zodiac sign


Superthumb aries