A - age

I'm 19 yo, I'll be 20 in two months.

B - best movie

I don't really know what movie is the best.. I really like LOL (2012), Pirates of Caribbean and Thor, and others..

love, couple, and boy image johnny depp and pirates of the caribbean image

C - current time

5:25 pm

D - drink you last had


aesthetic, beautiful, and blue image water, wataah, and drink image

E - everyday starts with

My lovely cat

cat, green eyes, and casper image cat, mine, and pet image

F - favorite song

My favorite song at the moment is Havana by Camila Cabello.

camilla, 5h, and fifth image camila cabello, black and white, and makeup image Inspiring Image on We Heart It

G - grossest memory

I really don't know.

H - height

160 cm..

I - in love with

Music, tv series, my bedroom, my cat, my dog, Prague, Greece etc..

music, vintage, and grunge image Image by Mªřłĩņ blue, chios, and Greece image

J - jealous

Yes, my things are mine

fuck off, jelousy, and whats mine is mine image bae and love image

K - killed someone?

obv no, but

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L - last time you cried?

I think yesterday

M - middle name

I don't have one

N - number of siblings


O - one wish

I just want to be happy

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P - person you last called / texted

My bae

Q - question you’re always asked

What's your name?
lol I don't know

R - reasons to smile

My reasons to smile are my cat,my best friend, the sea, the beautiful little things, the surprises ect..

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S - song you last sang

Heart on Fire by Jonathan Clay

lol, heart, and song image couple, kissing, and miley cyrus image

T - time you woke up

9 a.m.

U - underwear color


Mature image lingerie, fashion, and black image

V - vacation place(s)

Greece, Maldives, Sardinia..

Image removed Greece, travel, and sunset image beach, ocean, and pink image

W - worst habit


mind, sleep, and quotes image advice, anxiety, and awesome image quotes, overthinking, and life image

X - x-rays you’ve had

Teeth x-rays

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Y - your favorite food

Probably Pizza

pizza, food, and yummy image

Z - zodiac sign


aries, stars, and galaxy image aries image