the key is on the floor, I still can not see it.
I'm that caterpillar in the smoke,
the music cleans
my system hanging around my head
and I'm burning,
I know, I know.
while you watch me drown and
contemplate my life.
Are you a villain?

I will go back to the beginning, where everything seems to be easy.
He told me: close your eyes.

I only know that I got lost. I broke the fabric of my eyes,
I did not hear his voice.

I could see my story and the key, I have been foolish.
I will go down the stairs without getting burned, I will be a bubble.
Stay away from me, please.

I do not want to burn more.

He ran after me, whispering lies while trying to follow me.
I can, an effort, more strength, my breathing is agitated.
everything is a lie, I am free.

This is my story, I can write it or delete it.