Sometimes I feel like everybody knows.Not everybody,just every single person who shouldn't know.
Why shouldn't they know?How could they possibly know?What is there to hide,when I think about it.
But when I face them,their eyes reflect how you make me feel about myself and that makes me uneasy.
How do you make me feel about myself?Was there ever any good in what you made me feel?I felt lucky,I felt like everything was easy,and I hate it.
I felt stupid,and I hate that more.I felt.I hate it.
I don't know how I feel now.You smile.It's the untouched smile from months ago.Did it all happen in my dreams?Or do you care that little?
We only happened in my life,and everybody else knows.But you don't know.
My life turned upside down and I touched rock bottom.I fell into a black hole,and everybody watched from afar.You are smiling and talking to them and pretending I don't exist.How could you not fall?
When everybody leaves,you offer me your hand.So it did happen?You remember,but everybody thinks you don't.You smoked my existence away.Leave!Please,leave!

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