One day, I met you at school. We talked, we laughed, we felt each other in some way. I was so happy to finally realize that you felt the same. I had feelings for you, And I couldn't wait to finally be with you.

One day, you came to my house. We cuddled, we kissed, we felt each other in some way. Nothing sexual, it was just about you and me. The Ying and the Yang, the salt and the pepper, Gatsby and Daisy. But things turned out. I was Gatsby and you was Daisy. She was your Nick, and my pain was the bullet that leads me to the pool.

One day, I saw you holding her hand and kissing her. I felt betrayed, my heart broke little by little, I experimented it, and it was horrible. You act like everything was alright, and I couldn't deal with it. I decided to go see other people, to forget you, but you were always there, in my head. I felt wrong. I wanted to erased you of my mind, I just wanted to heal while you was having the time of your life, by cheating, wilding, lying... But I couldn't. You was the antidote of my poison.

One day, I read your text message. Asking for some news, after all these years. Saying how much I miss you and that you appreciate me. If you even know that everyday of my life since that I thought about you, that I wanted to talk to you, to see you, to be with you. 6 years later, my feelings never change, I wish I didn't talk to you at school.