I listened to you all this time.
I agreed with some things you said, even when I knew it was wrong.
I stuck by your side during your bad days.
I took your rants seriously and tried to help you with all my heart.

And what did you do for me in return?

You listened to me.
You agreed with everything I said.
You never stuck my side during my bad days.
You never took my rants seriously.

I never expected you to do everything that I did to you.
But, you could at least have shown some sign to convince me that you're indeed my truest friend.
You didn't even bother to find out if I was okay when I wasn't.
You just thought I was what I made everybody else believe.
Sure I can't blame you for it - you couldn't have read my mind.
But, you're no longer a person I want by my side.
Oh yes, I do cherish the days we spent together.
But, now, my priorities have changed -
You're no longer a person I trust.

Pray understand that I'm not ungrateful -
For, I am. Very much.
But, change is inevitable -
"People grow, lives change, people change" -
Please remember this whenever you finally realise that I've nearly cut you out of my life.


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