Hi lovely hearters!!! Today i am back with another article which is "this or that challenge" I hope you get to know more about me😊 So let's get start it,shall we?

This is the article that i got all the questions from

1.Coffee or Tea?


coffee drink

2.Black and white or colour?

Black and white

aesthetic fashion
fashion, girl, and outfit image

3.Tattos or Piercings?


ear ear

4.Dresses or Skirts?


fashion clothes

5.Spring or Fall?


aesthetic apple

6.Summer or Winter?

Both ( i can not choose i love both summer and winter)

beach beach
christmas beauty

7.Tan or Pale?


beach beach

8.Ice cream or yogurt?

Ice cream

chocolate chocolate

9.Glasses or contacts?


accessories black and white

10.Snakes or sharks


animals beach

11.Curly hair or straight hair?

Curly hair

beauty beauty

12.Books or Movies?


book, starbucks, and coffee image

13. Bracelet or necklace?


fashion, necklace, and style image

14.Fruits or vegetables?

fruit, food, and healthy image

15.Cats or Dogs?


dog, puppy, and cute image
dog, animal, and cute image

So,this article comes to an end,i really hope you guys learnt more about me.
See y'all soon with another article which will come soon!!

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