For the first time in my life I'm writing something in English, something that is not a school essay or anything that my teacher has instructed me to do.

Well, why did I decide to start writing this article? I have two reasons; for the first (if you haven't already noticed) my English is very very bad. I'm from Finland and we have our own language here so I'm not using English in my daily living at all.

I'm going my senior year in high school and the finals are coming soon. That means that I have to study English very much because it's necessary to take a part in the English exam and get enough points. Who says that you can only study with books? I think that writing articles (and watching Netflix with no subtitles) is much more funny!

My second reason for writing this article is my future plans. After high school I want to go to the university and study journalism and communication and some day become a journalist! I think that the best way to practice for the entrance exams is writing, in English and Finnish.

This was my first article, although it doesn't have much content. Maybe the next text will be longer and more interesting. So I hope you didn't get a head ache or anything from my English skills. I would love to get feedback and comments about my writing and maybe get some ideas for the next articles.