I write a poem and it still goes on
As my heart pounds, every word comes on,
Year has passed by and still I wonder,
about you, and your love I still ponder.

When I saw you, the sun dropped its jaw,
your eyes would make my rays scream in awe,
Thinking this is the first time I saw,
a boy with his dreams wrapped in his claw.

Since, day after day I wish to see,
you at school with your smile full of glee.
Thinking I'd be the happiest indeed,
if even just once you'd notice me.

Days have passed by, my smile grew wider,
with your humor and jokes so clever;
Our love grew and our souls went lighter,
for when I'm with you, home's wherever.

You're the epitome of sunshine,
I could recall, for you make me fine;
You hold my hand, I feel safe inside,
my love, there's nothing you can't defy.

You were the bravest man that I knew,
I thank God daily for knowing you,
changing me still only if you knew,
I carry you with me always too.

Your love, my dear, made me conquer these—
the mountains, the ocean floor with ease.
Yet I know it's easier for me,
If you're still here together with me.

But life happens, and it is I know,
that someday we'll meet again and so,
I'm glad you became my other whole,
But today, only memories grow.

I hope you won't forget me, my love.
You were the most wonderful I had.
Aim for your dreams, think of what you have.
I'll always be here, behind your back.