Oh, the places you will go!
- Dr. Seuss

I've been dreaming of going to Italy ever since High School. I used to have a notebook dedicated entirely to planning my trip - from pictures, my budget, bucket list places to see and food that I wanted to eat. The plan was to go as soon as I wrote my final exam.

Life had other plans for the five years that would follow, though, and I never made it to Italy. Instead, I got my degree and currently find myself in the South of France where I have been working as a language assistant for the past four months.

Today is the start of winter school holidays, and tomorrow my dream is going to be realized. I'm going to Italy! Ten days, just me, a backpack full of only the necessities, a few hundred euros, and I T A L I A.

on the i t i n e r a r y

I haven't booked any accommodation or transport except for the first night. I plan to go where my feet lead me and to where I feel drawn. If I like a place I'll stay as long as I need and then move on again. I do, however, have a rough idea of which main places I want to visit:

first, I'll be spending the first night and the following day in M i l a n.

milan, travel, and architecture image

then I'll move on to F l o r e n c e.

europe, florence, and italy image
So far I plan on spending three days here and maybe going on a day trip to either Cortona or Cinque Terre
italy, cinque terre, and europe image
Cinque Terre

next on my list is a no-brainer: R O M A.

rome, colosseo, and italy image
travel, rome, and italy image travel, rome, and girl image
italia, italy, and travel image

then, for the main event... the A M A L F I coast.

Amalfi coast, beach, and europe image Amalfi coast, beach, and europe image
P o s i t a n o etc.

And of course a LOT of eating will be going down.

ice cream, food, and summer image food, cute, and girl image food, italy, and pizza image food, wine, and couple image
Just writing this is making my heart beat with excitement. I can't wait to share my own photos and experiences with you!